The Holmdel Chamber of Commerce is always highlighting the important issues in  Holmdel, and surrounding communities.  One of the issues that is affecting every family in some way, every business in some way, is the opioid epidemic. Holmdel has had 28 substance overdose emergency calls in the last few years. People are dying.

At February's Holmdel Chamber Meeting the issue is being hit head on. The Holmdel Chamber is bringing you the local experts in the field.

All are welcome to attend the Tuesday, February 26, 8am Chamber of Commerce meeting at Bell Works in the WAVE room. Chamber members are welcome to bring brochures and can introduce their business briefly when we go around the room. Everyone can grab a hot fresh cup of Booskerdoo coffee from the meeting's coffee sponsor; Holmdel's BCB Community Bank, and hear from the following local experts. These are the folks with their boots on the ground to fight this national and local epidemic. They will each take turns speaking briefly and then the room will open for a Q&A/discussion:

  • Keys Academy Superintendent  Dr. Joseph Majka and team along with Right Your Life's Kathleen Loures.
  • Hazlet Hope Network co-founder, Laura O'Hara with survivor of drug addiction Philip O'Hara, now an advocate for recovery.
  • Coming Full Circle known as CFC Loud and Clear, (provider of relapse prevention) co-founder; Daniel Regan, CEO & Founder Healing US Centers.

The Holmdel Chamber's Spotlight on a Non-profit: members and guests will hear for a few minutes from Donna Ongsiako, founding member of Survivors of Violent Crimes, a non-profit focusing on peer support and resources for survivors of random acts of violence.  

Please RSVP if you would like to attend the meeting, or if you have questions. Email membership@holmdelchamber.com